Support to the Sustainable Certification Programme in Curaçao

Support to the Sustainable Certification Programme in Curaçao


Since 2011, the Curaçao Tourist Board has been striving to maintain the quality of tourism businesses through a Sustainable Certification Programme for the hospitality and tourism industry. The programme sets out officially recognised standards in sustainability for Curaçao’s local tourism sector. They consist of practical steps to be taken by operators to meet varying levels of sustainability.

In recognising and promoting levels of quality in tourism services, the programme’s initial steps are contributing to the standardisation of management in the sector. The programme also gives the opportunity to Curaçao’s tourism sector to work towards international integration and brand reputation in the supply system for environmental protection. This helps raise the international reputation of Curaçao tourism and is an incentive for companies to invest and maximise resource-saving measures and/or technologies.

OCTA Innovation’s support for the programme will foster its further expansion. It will enable: the optimisation of the certification steps; the inclusion to further tourism related sub-sectors; the setting up of a monitoring system and identification of further solutions in working towards a common vision and enhanced industry understanding of the programme.


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