Technological innovation is St Helena

Technological innovation is St Helena


There are some instances where private sector businesses have introduced new technologies to improve their businesses, example of which include the introduction of small scale poly tunnels, and hydroponic farming. Artificial Insemination (AI) has been successfully introduced on island for livestock (cattle and pigs) for some years now and has replaced historic practices of importing livestock, eliminating some of the issues associated with this method.

Connect Saint Helena is currently working to introduce solar-generated electricity alongside of its small-scale wind generated electricity. The share of renewable energy generated has increased from 2% to 22% in the last 6 years and is targeted to further increase to 30% when the solar farm currently under construction is commissioned.  The islands’ Sustainable Development Plan has a 100% renewable target and Connect Saint Helena is working with an off island consultant and with SHG to develop a strategy to achieve this objective.

It should be noted that technology in St Helena is hampered by its isolation and reliance on satellite technology and the island therefore does not have many of the facilities that the residents of developed countries enjoy. While there have been improvements to both the price and speed of broadband packages in the last two years, access to the Internet is both slower and more expensive that in the UK.


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