Looking back at TEDxAruba 2015: Education at the top of the agenda

Looking back at TEDxAruba 2015: Education at the top of the agenda

Wow. TEDxAruba yesterday was a blazing success.

Superb organization, great line of inspiring speakers, visionary opening by the Prime Minister Mike Eman, motivated audience and great music by Databank.

Education was the buzzword of the TEDxAruba. Not only ‘E’ in TEDx, that usually stands for entertainment was replaced by education, but the theme of learning to set the future of sustainable and successful Aruba was kick-started by Mr Mike Eman, who opened the TEDxAruba with outlining the importance of education and youth as the building blocks for the future. He presented a clear, forward looking vision, of the Aruba in the future, where education, creativity and innovation will drive economic success.

Amongst many inspiring speakers, Prof Dr Glenn Thodé, the Rector of the University of Aruba, stood out with his call to change the mindset on how education is perceived and organised. Using example of his private life, he outlined that education must be alive and changing, and reflect on the interests and needs of the learners. His view is that education should not be a one-way process of broadcasting knowledge and experience, but a dialogue between educator and learner. Furthermore, Dr Thodé, as well as several other speakers, called on learning to be part of everyday living and experience, as if in learning by doing and distance learning.

TedxAruba, undoubtedly set a very high standard for proactive and inspirational event. Great organizational work by Bianca Peters and her team. And we need more of these on other OCTs. We are looking forward sharing learnings at the forthcoming OCTA Innovation Regional Workshop in Sint Maarten.

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