TEDxAruba – Shining Example of Innovation and Creativity

TEDxAruba – Shining Example of Innovation and Creativity


Coming up on the 23rd September is the highlight of innovation at Aruba, TEDxAruba. Fully charged with ideas and creative energy, TEDxAruba is one the best examples how innovation can flourish on a small island. TEDxAruba is in competition for OCTA Innovation BIC (Business, Innovation and Creativity) Award to be announced on the occasion of 2IC (International Innovation Conference), that OCTA Innovation is organising for November this year.

TEDxAruba strives for sustainable innovation, new business creation and bringing ideas to life, not only for Aruba, but also for other similar small economies, especially of SIDS (Small Islands Developing States). The TEDxAruba mission is to propagate innovative Ideas and actions.

The specific goal is to turn TEDxAruba into the leading platform and pipeline for great ideas, storytelling, creativity and actionable innovation. In addition to this, the goal is to foster a sense of community amongst the people and organizations who have gathered (and continue to gather) around this event and to provide a cultural driving force for conversation and action on how to create a sustainable and prosperous society.

This year, first time ever, TEDxAruba starts at 9 in the morning (rather that its usual evening time). This will enable global audiences to watch inspiring speeches and asking questions on social media…. engaging with TEDxAruba. This is already creating excitement, especially here in Brussels, where OCTA Innovation is considering organising our BUZZ event, bringing together flow of ideas from Aruba and engaged Brussels audiences. Watch this space.


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