VE Day 70th Anniversary in Pitcairn

VE Day 70th Anniversary in Pitcairn

by Leslie Jaques
On Friday May 8 Pitcairn Island celebrated the 70th anniversary of the ending of World War 2 in Europe. Along with other Overseas Territories and Countries, Pitcairn was part of a worldwide chain of beacons lit to mark the end of hostilities. On a clear, cloudless and warm evening, a large community group gathered at Ships Landing Point for the short ceremony at 9.30pm the appointed time. Mayor Shawn Christian gave a short address and the beacon was lit. It would burn for three days.
At the end of the short proceedings the community gave a soulful and beautiful rendition of Pitcairn’s hymn “In the sweet bye and bye” while we remembered times past and marveled at the incredible sight of the stars.

Visiting photographer Rhiannon Adams took stunning photographs of the beacon itself, of the Milky Way and a shot of Adamstown by night. They give a sense of the occasion and the beauty of our night sky.

Great story of Rhiannon Adams’s visit to Pitcairn, with many beautiful photographs at her blog

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