Future of food – Workshop in Aruba

Future of food – Workshop in Aruba

Workshop given by OCTA Innovation expert Jacques Grysole in Aruba: Future of Food on March 6, 2018. This workshop on creativity in agriculture was organised by Varelie Croes, new Aruba Innovation director.

Main questions were:

How can we design a better food ecosystem of tomorrow that is:

  • Creative and triggers curiosity
  • Aligned with Aruba’s DNA (see “Cu Mira Pa Futuro” tourism report)
  • Sustainable
  • Supports the main ambitions in the Innovation Framework – Isla Innovativo report
  • Applies the latest break-through technology
  • Personalized (based on lifestyle, genome and microbiome etc.)
  • A new concept: From the ‘human body’ to table (‘on-demand’)
  • Taking into account the various trends/themes below
  • Does not require big investment to get off the ground
  • Attracts international partners to create centres of knowledge / R&D and/or a test-bed economy.

Other sub-questions that could be addressed during the workshop:

  • Is there a present and/or future niche in the Future of Food space that Aruba can own?
  • What is the role of creativity in the food space?
  • How do we motivate and empower the citizens to get involved? Would the creation of a digital platform be the first building block? Something similar to this: https://foodtechconnect.com/about/
  • What export markets should we be looking at in the next 2 to 5 years?
  • What would a collaborate platform look like? Where do we start?
  • If a Food Blockchain + AI is considered, who should lead this initiative?
  • What data can we gather or should we be gathering through the food supply chain?

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