Government commitment and the NGO

Government commitment and the NGO


Governments have a key role in and responsibility for development of demand side and business environment for the Green economy, sustainable growth and prosperous society.

However often overlooked, non-government organisations (NGOs) and non-profit organisation (NPOs) are important enterprises in the landscape for environmental and eco-innovation. Within the OCTs a large number of important people groups were identified as important government partners in creating environmental concern, and for championing recycling and garbage repurposing drives, household gardening, environmental management and tourism, that is, a plethora of activities which improve countries’ sustainability outlook. As enterprises themselves, they often need guidance of a specific kind, usually in strategic planning, project and proposal development for accessing funds and even in developing for profit activities to support periodic shortfalls in government subventions.

Sustainability development for innovation supportive NGOs/NPOs will be an important part the way forward for OCTs. There will be a special focus upon their relationship with the Government.

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