Government of the Azores and cooperation with the OCTs

Government of the Azores and cooperation with the OCTs

During the OCTA Innovation International Conference, the Regional Assistant Secretary of the Presidency for External Relations, Mr. Rui Bettencourt expressed the Regional Government’s interest in establishing “new alliances” of cooperation with European overseas territories.

“We are talking about territories that may not only a number of interesting markets for us, but can also open geopolitical alliances in the world,” stressed Rui Bettencourt at the opening of the International Conference of OCTA.

In his speech, Rui Bettencourt stressed that this is “an interesting organisation for the Azores as a new ally within the EU,” as it “enhances the projection of Europe in the world.”

“We are now starting a process of rapprochement to those territories and learn how we can collaborate,” Rui Bettencourt said, stressing that, at this stage,” we need to “exchange ideas” so that we may analyse together what we can do with these territories.

In this regard, the Regional Secretary stressed that, during the works of the two-day conference, “regional companies will show what is to innovate and confront this innovation with what their counterparts do in these territories.”

“These territories are located in various parts of the world, from the Caribbean to the Pacific, but all something in common with us: the fact that they are islands as well as small and fragile territories that are very distant from the European Union; therefore, they share some common concerns with us,” said Rui Bettencourt.

For the Regional Secretary “the interest is twofold,” emphasising that, on the one hand, we want to say “we exist and we have good practices,” seeing that other practices exist and may be shared, and, on the other hand, “we might have a market for some of our products.”

OCTA Innovation International Conference took place at Nonagon. The Nonagon is the first Science and Technology Park of the Azores. It is located in Lagoa, on Sao Miguel Island.

Nonagon’s goal is to position itself as a structural organization in technological dynamism and training of skilled human capital in the field of information systems and communications, monitoring and earth observation, space and sea. It also aims to establish itself as a catalyst in the technological synergies transfer processes of the Azores innovation ecosystem.

Nonagon is an initiative of the Regional Government in partnership with the municipality of Lagoa in order to promote coordination between the public, private and university, leading to the creation of a new development paradigm.

You may watch the video of the OCTA Innovation international conference.

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