Innovate, a workshop on business incubation

Innovate, a workshop on business incubation

Young Corporate Alliance TCI and Invest TCI invited Alan Cooper, OCTA Innovation short-term expert to moderate a workshop on business incubation and green enterprises on June 17th 2017.

INNOVATE was a workshop geared at helping the government and private sector participants develop a roadmap for creating business incubators which are relevant to their territory.

Simultaneously, such incubators aim specifically to inculcate green innovative (or “eco-innovative”) thinking into their clients from the get-go. To this end the workshop was divided into two segments: one dealing with business incubation and the other dealing with the greening of enterprises. The final part of the workshop integrated the two elements.

The Incubator planning team said “what Alan imparted was very informative and useful. We are currently in the initial stage of the incubator planning and Alan’s advice and recommendations came at an opportune time which prompt the need to review our plans and make the necessary adjustments to ensure the successful operation of the Incubator.”

It was even proposed to Alan Cooper to have a do over for this workshop to invite more key stakeholders who can benefit tremendously from his expert knowledge in the field of green business and incubators.

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