Innovative Business Lab

Innovative Business Lab

Meeting with Brodrick Penn, Permanent Secretary of the Premiers Office, was a great meeting mainly around two aspects. The discussion of the Award of the Pilot Project of Innovative Business Lab was the key theme and how to secure the highest impact of this innovation pilot project. Furthermore discussion was held around the instruments to be implemented to assure innovation to be impregnated into entrepreneurship of BVI.

Kick-off of the pilot project was held. The project has already received advanced payment and has engaged person in charge of Innovative Business Lab. Extensive discussions have taken place on how to move forward.

One initiative which should be of great interest also to other OCTs is the OCTA Innovation mentoring. Webinar meetings or Skype conference calls would happen at least once a month, enabling interested entrepreneurs to have contact with the OCTA Innovation Team Leader or another OCTA innovation expert (to be agreed on in advance).

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