Innovation championing in Bonaire

Innovation championing in Bonaire

Bonaire Governor Edison Rijna is champion of the innovation on the island and supports implementation of the systemic innovation across all sectors. Governor Rijna encourages all measures promoting and stimulating innovation on the island. To initiate the process of systemic innovation approach, Bonaire needs to work on how systemic innovation should be organised, and which measures should be implemented. Public private partnership in all sectors and at all levels, starting from public authorities to the wide community should be strengthened. Continuous raising awareness and consultation process about different innovation aspects would be enhanced. Consultations about needs for different organisational restructuring as well as about consultations about having in place an optimal set of the legislative and financial instruments for propelling innovation should be intensified in the coming period. Governor Rijna’s approach is an example of the way how to go forward, how much innovation championing may bring prosperity to Overseas Countries and Territories.

Governor Rijna works closely with Bonaire Systemic Innovation Director Dianne Boelmans. Bonaire, with Edison Rijna as Governor, is one of the islands moving in the right direction, especially by his personal involvement and personal drive for building diversified sustainable economy and prosperous society. Particularly it is very promising that Governor Rijna is taking care of innovation to be developed and in sustainable way to be implemented transversally across all sectors. Both his vision on the development of the territory and his mission how to implement this vision are remarkable. Special attention needs to be given to having structural organisation of innovation for long-term efficient implementation of innovation across all sectors, updating innovation strategy and action plan, and developing innovation policy with associated optimal innovation supporting measures.

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