Innovation for growth in tourism sector – OCTA Innovation Workshop, 11-12 October, Anguilla

Innovation for growth in tourism sector – OCTA Innovation Workshop, 11-12 October, Anguilla

Innovation and creativity in the tourism sector can make the European Union’s Overseas Countries and Territories more competitive in the international market and more resilient to destructive weather phenomena such as hurricanes. It is theme of a two-day workshop in Anguilla, 11-12 October organised by OCTA Innovation and hosted by the Government of Anguilla.

“Island destinations that have identified and implemented innovative solutions, creative attractions and visitor services tend to be more successful in securing constant growth and overcoming geopolitical issues and natural disasters,” says Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, OCTA Innovation’s Team Leader. “Time has come ask the right questions and find new answers to how OCT governments can best foster innovation in tourism. OCTs should not be copycats for other countries’ innovation policies; OCTs need to find their own way.”

The event’s organisation has been guided by the advice of Mr. Victor Banks, Hon. Chief Minister, Government of Anguilla and Mrs Tracy Knight, OCTA Vice-President of the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA). Mr Bren Romney, Innovation Manger in Anguilla and his team have also been instrumental in its preparation.

A focus will be innovative individual attractions and accommodation in OCTs to enhance the visitor experience. The introduction of the innovations in digital technology to the sector have the potential to attract the expanding millennial market.

Renowned tourism experts Anne-Mette Hjalager and James MacGregor and innovation expert, Milan Jezic von Gesseneck will lead the debate. The ambition is to put forward innovative tourism initiatives which at the same time safeguard natural resources and enable the OCTs to be resilient to forces that can reduce visitor arrivals. They include hurricanes and sea level rise caused by global warming.

The workshop also aims is to give rise to innovation activities, methodologies and techniques that will be attractive to both OCTs’ current source markets as well as attracting new market segments. “Collaboratively we will re-think the OCT innovation policies portfolios. We will critically and creatively address the ways that OCT governments can take on the most efficient way the advantages of the unique potentials in the OCTs’,” says Milan Jezic von Gesseneck.

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