Innovation Studies: Learning-by-doing

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Octa Innovation Website

If already working in innovation and in particular within OCTA Innovation project, one is already learning about innovation activities and outcomes.

Learning-by-doing is about getting involved in innovation activities and, through the process of doing these activities, learning about things like:

  • how innovation works,
  • how one finds (or feels about) innovation activities,
  • what innovation makes one think about, and
  • what doing innovation enables a person or society to do.

One might also be prompted to think about the general nature of specific innovation activity – in other words, the way this activity is done by other people, in different contexts or in different OCTs. Put together, this learning can serve to strengthen own understanding of innovation through gaining practical, first-hand experience of related activities.

Learning-by-doing can also be a stimulating, motivating way for people to learn – in fact, people can often be having so much satisfaction in taking part in innovation activity, that they can learn whilst being unaware that they are learning! Learning-by-doing is very much supported in OCTA Innovation initiatives because it enhances participation and this is the key for the success of the project.  Learning-by-doing is the most natural way of learning (it is sometimes referred to as “incidental learning”), which can be undertaken – consciously or unconsciously – by anyone at any time.


Curriculum of learning-by-doing for Innovation Studies Diploma:

  • Project Management Experience
  • Innovation Project Management
  • Working with the Innovation Council
  • Organizing Thematic Workshops
  • Using the OCTA Innovation Platform
  • Holding a Presentation and an Event
  • Writing a Journal Article
  • Final Report or Thesis

These above in addition with face-to-face education and distance/online course constitutes requirements for Innovation Studies Diploma.

Exceptional performance and additional innovation activities can qualify you for a diploma with distinction.

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