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Innovation Studies, developed by OCTA Innovation, have been built to facilitate knowledge sharing between the European Union and Overseas Countries and Territories, and structured and coordinated by OCTA Innovation Head of Studies, as well as a series of international experts.

The Studies are structured to include three main pillars of learning:

  1. Face-to-face education
  2. Learning-by-doing
  3. Distance/online learning.

This course is uniquely developed:

In particular learning methodologies:

  • The Studies are designed as a combination of practical, result-orientated, work on innovation (presentations, workshops, publishing) and structured learning through dedicated eLearning courses and Innovation Thesis. There is an emphasis throughout the programme on independent and self-reflective learning as well on structured support through OCTA Innovation project.
  • All innovation knowledge shared is in one for or another applied and supported by OCTA Innovation knowledge management and expertise of Team Leader and other experts.

In the content:

  • It’s objective is development of Systemic Innovation. An Innovation practice at Overseas Countries and Territories that supports innovation and creativity across the sectors (energy, education, agriculture, etc.) and across the actors, private (companies, NGOs,… ) to public (government, ministries, …).
  • The Studies’ programme is organized to enhance learners’ understanding of key aspects of value-creating innovation, enabling improvement of business and government practices, and ensuring islands economic growth.
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