Innovation, the driver for prosperous Curaçao

Innovation, the driver for prosperous Curaçao

Meeting Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath was an excellent opportunity for discussion on the issue of innovation, not only technological innovation but also all aspects of innovation and influence on economy and wider on complete society of Curaçao.

How to have innovation-driven prosperous Curaçao?

The axis of the discussion was how to move, how to implement innovation to be driver of the society. How to organize implementation of systemic innovation? How to institutionally structure innovation to be implemented across all sectors? How innovation can drive the National Development Plan (NDP)? How innovation can support a nation investing in resiliency and sustainability? Innovation in bringing both development and sustainability.

We tackled several current issues of the Island, such as migration, social inclusion and social innovation. But all of these in larger context of having innovation-driven prosperous Curaçao: capacity-building in general including government capacity-building, wide involvement of the population and Curacao people ownership of building their future.

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