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  • bren romney 3 Tourism Workshop – Bren Romney, Innovation Director Anguilla - Bren Romney, who was a Moderator of the Workshop, detailed Anguilla’s plans to build a state-of-the-art business incubator on Anguilla dedicated to innovation. The space will stimulate collaboration and entrepreneurship, creating employment for youth, enhancing the experience of visitors, increasing incomes of the people of Anguilla, he said. Specifically, the business incubator will: help convert […]
  • bnaire 3 Tourism Workshop – Helvig Thode, Bonaire Representative - “Bonaire will position itself as a progressive island in terms of synergizing people and nature. This will result in a positive economic, cultural and nature stimulation for the island,” said Ms. Helvig Thode, Bonaire’s Representative. In 2017, the tourism industry contributed 229 million US dollars to the local economy and 25 per cent of jobs […]
  • alexa coper grant Tourism Workshop – Alexa Cooper-Grant, Innovation Director, TCI - Tourism innovation in TCI started with a vision: “We envision becoming a country where the very mention of our name invokes images of peace, safety and security, a place where residents and visitors enjoy authentic experiences,” said Alexa Cooper-Grant, Innovation Directorr for TCI. “Having successfully established an image as a luxury destination, the Turks and […]

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