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  • Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 08.03.29 THE EPIC ACHIEVEMENTS OF ANGUILLA’S YOUTH - Mrs Blondel Cluff CBE, Representative of the Government of Anguilla to the UK and EU and Special Adviser to the Chief Minister, attended Brussels on the 29th August, together with a delegation from her office in London of the Government. During the three-day visit, she met with Milan Jezic von Gesserneck, head of OCTA Innovations […]
  • Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 07.45.41 JOURNÉE MONDIALE DU TOURISME - Tahiti, 28 Septembre 2018 Cette année, l’Organisation Mondiale du Tourisme (OMT) a placé cette journée sous le thème du « Tourisme et la transformation numérique ». La transformation numérique désigne le processus qui permet aux entreprises d’intégrer toutes les technologies digitales disponibles au sein de leurs activités. Les changements dans les attentes des clients et les tendances […]
  • Post article NL 27.2018 OCTA Innovation Newsletter #27-2018 – Montserrat Innovation Days - Montserrat Innovation Days have been very successfully completed from August 16 to August 21. Four days of extensive exchange of information among public and private Montserrat stakeholders, including EU experts in innovation, creativity and economy, tourism agglomerate sector, development of the “visitor economy” and all aspects of economies linked and developed around the sector. These […]

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