Meeting Governor Rijna in Bonaire

Meeting Governor Rijna in Bonaire

A few months after his participation at the OCTA Innovation International Conference in the Azores in April 2017, Governor Rijna received visit on Monday 16 October from OCTA Innovation Team Leader in Kralendijk. Milan Jezic von Gesseneck is visiting Bonaire to promote and stimulate Innovation on the island. Governor Rijna is champion of the innovation on the island and supports implementation of the systemic innovation across all sectors. Governor Rijna’s approach is an example of the way how to go forward, how much innovation championing may bring prosperity to Overseas Countries and Territories.

Governor Rijna works closely with Bonaire Systemic Innovation Director Dianne Boelmans. Bonaire Governor supports the development of Bonaire and a wide implementation of innovation. He is in favour of regional cooperation within the Caribbean region and he champions transfer of science from Europe to Bonaire.

This week there will also be a delegation from Wageningen University on the island to take the next step in the Bonaire AlgaePARC innovation pilot project, for which the EU has made a grant of up to 115,000€. The first results of this research will be announced this week. Governor Rijna supports this innovation pilot project and the establishment of Bonaire Algae Parc. Rijna is looking for having direct but also indirect impact from this innovation pilot project on economy such as tourism.

Recent visit from OCTA Innovation Team Leader in Bonaire concluded in the agreement to have an OCTA Innovation BRUZZ dedicated to Bonaire at the occasion of Governor Rijna visit to Brussels. Brussels audience will be invited for a direct talk to Bonaire Governor in the coming period, eventually already in 2017.

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