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Economic outlines and opportunities for innovation

Anguilla’s main economic activities are tourism, offshore banking, fishing and remittances from emigrants. General activity in the tourism sector initiated growth in the construction sector, contributing to economic development.

Anguilla has put substantial effort into further developing the offshore financial sector.

Key opportunities for innovation

Opportunities for innovation and green economy exist in all sectors including tourism, fisheries, agriculture, technology and education. In particular, education and STEM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) represent the backbone of innovation and economic development.

Anguilla’s map

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Anguilla SMALL
18.528442, -63.042297
AnguillaAnguilla (Directions)


Member state: United Kingdom
Surface (km2): 132
EEZ (km2): 92 178
Population (2011): 13 534
Capital: The Valley
Languages: English
GDP per capita (€ – 2012): 16 216
Main economic sectors: Tourism, Finance
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  • Anguilla BIC Award 2017 got qualified for EYE!

    We are very proud to announce that Ms. Njeri Richardson-Carty, who was awarded OCTA Innovation BIC Award last year, is qualified for the Erasmus Young Entrepreneur programme. According to her, this is “an opportunity of a life time.” Read more. Octa Innovation WebsiteFacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitter    Read More
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  • 3 Anguilla candidates selected for Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs

    Bren Romney, Innovation Manager for Anguilla, Director of the Department of Youth and Culture within the Government of Anguilla has extensively promoted the EU-funded programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.  As a result, 3 Anguilla candidates have successfully been qualified for this programme: Njeri Richardson, in the Education and training services Nakieta Adams, in the Advertising, […]    Read More
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  • Preservation of Heritage/Built Culture in Anguilla and encouraging women involvement in the construction sector

    In Anguilla, a Small Innovation Project has been implemented to preserve the built culture and encourage women participation and inclusion in the construction sector. Both elements of this initiative fall within the construction sector. Both are encouraging OCTs to rethink how best is possible to preserve or rebuild buildings of historical or cultural significance and […]    Read More
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  • Regional Innovation Workshop in Sint Maarten, 5-7 October

    Caribbean regional workshop will take place 5-7 October 2015 at Sint Maarten. The main aim of the activity is to improve OCTs and OCTA’s capacities and ensure better exchange of experience and expertise in Innovation by gathering the IMs and other relevant stakeholders in regional workshops and a project conference, which would contribute to facilitate […]    Read More
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  • Joint Statement By UK Overseas Territories Leaders

    BVI, 27 July 2015 – Hamilton, Bermuda – July 24: We, the elected Leaders and or Representatives of the Overseas Territories, met on 23rd – 24th July 2015, to discuss issues of mutual interest and the forthcoming Joint Ministerial Council Meeting (JMC), with UK Ministers to be held in December 2015 in London. The purpose […]    Read More
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  • Reports

  • Anguilla – Sustainable Tourism Master Plan

    The sustainable tourism master plan 2010 – 2020 for Anguilla, is carrying out an ambitious vision of the Anguilla tourism: ‘We are a premier Caribbean destination known for our world class beaches; pristine azure waters; top class resorts and restaurants; relaxed ambience; sense of place, peace and tranquility in a safe setting among a friendly […]    Read More
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