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Economic outlines and opportunities for innovation

The British Virgin Islands economy has two distinct economic pillars namely tourism and financial services. Developments in the financial services industries have led to a significant expansion of the economy over the last 25 years. Key opportunities for innovation
  • Financial services (value added services)
  • Tourism (niche products & services)
  • Professional services (Arbitration)
  • Medical services (specialised)
  • ICT Research & Development
  • Alternative energy and environment (green & blue growth)
  • Fisheries and aquaculture

British Virgin’s map

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British Virgin Islands SMALL
18.742676, -64.511719
British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Islands (Directions)


Member state: United Kingdom
Surface (km2): 153
EEZ (km2): 80 117
Population (2013): 28 514
Capital: Road Town, Tortola
Languages: English
GDP per capita (€ – 2013): 27 256
Main economic sectors: Tourism, Financial services, Real Estate
Government website:

Innovation Manager



  • BVI co-chaired Brussels-based OCTA/OECD international tax cooperation meeting

    The British Virgin Islands (BVI) co-chaired an international tax cooperation workshop from 29-30 May in Brussels, Belgium, facilitated by the OECD on behalf of the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA). The meeting focused largely on the mechanics of international tax cooperation and covered a range of subjects that included the Global Forum, base erosion […]    Read More
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  • Creative industry in British Virgin Islands

    Several meetings have been done in British Virgin Islands to discuss different sectors. Television, radio, music and digital media. A TV/radio campaign and industry workshops have been considered a solution to improve this sector. Heritage, museums, theatres. Being BVI the unique Caribbean island with its own history, that could be used as a strengthen for […]    Read More
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  • Workshop in BVI

    A pilot greenhouse project would be very helpful in the British Virgin islands as it would push farmers to work together. However the availability of water for irrigation could be a serious issue if efforts are not made for ensuring water in quantity and quality. For a pilot greenhouse project it is recommended to preferably […]    Read More
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  • Innovation News

  • The Caribbean after Irma

    It is the cost of the region’s unimaginable natural beauty that, by the caprice of fate, there is the periodic risk of ruin. There is nothing to be said of this past week’s tragedies that has not yet been said, and our hearts go out to the people who died.What needs to be said is […]    Read More
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  • Regional Innovation Workshop in Sint Maarten, 5-7 October

    Caribbean regional workshop will take place 5-7 October 2015 at Sint Maarten. The main aim of the activity is to improve OCTs and OCTA’s capacities and ensure better exchange of experience and expertise in Innovation by gathering the IMs and other relevant stakeholders in regional workshops and a project conference, which would contribute to facilitate […]    Read More
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  • Joint Statement By UK Overseas Territories Leaders

    BVI, 27 July 2015 – Hamilton, Bermuda – July 24: We, the elected Leaders and or Representatives of the Overseas Territories, met on 23rd – 24th July 2015, to discuss issues of mutual interest and the forthcoming Joint Ministerial Council Meeting (JMC), with UK Ministers to be held in December 2015 in London. The purpose […]    Read More
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  • Reports

  • Supporting business in British Virgin Islands

    In his mission visit to British Virgin Islands, Mr Milan Jezic von Gesseneck accompanied with Innovation Manager, Ms Lizette Odile George, had the first high-level meeting with Mr Brodrick Penn, the Permanent Secretary to the Premier of the British Virgin Islands. Mr Penn acts as adviser to the Premier on his multidisciplinary portfolio covering variety […]    Read More
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  • Travel & Tourism: Economic Impact 2014 British Virgin Islands

    The outlook for Travel & Tourism in 2014 is also very positive, with Total Travel & Tourism GDP growth forecast to reach 4.3%. Much of this growth is being driven by higher consumer spending as the recovery from recession gathers pace and is becoming firmly established. Tourists are expected to spend more per trip and […]    Read More
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