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Economic outlines and opportunities for innovation

More than 90% of Greenland exports stems from fishery activities (prawns, halibut, crab and cod). The fishing agreement with the EU sets out the fishing opportunities and financial contribution of EU. The mining sector is growing as well as the tourism (since the 1990’s the number of tourists has risen from 3.500 to app. 35.000 annually). Key opportunities for innovation
  • Diversification of fisheries:  mackerel, and fish farms
  • Diversification of hunting and agriculture: export of skin and meat products
  • Diversification of energy and minerals: gold, rubies, diamonds, coppers, olivine, marble, oil, rare earth minerals, and ikkaite
  • Tourism: more focus on the tourism industry

Greenland’s map

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Greenland SMALL
84.389420, -51.733932
GreenlandGreenland (Directions)


Member state: Denmark
Surface (km2): 2 166 086
EEZ (km2): 2 353 703
Population (2014): 56 282
Capital: Nuuk
Languages: Greenlandic, Danish
GDP per capita (€ – 2014): 27 540
Main economic sectors: Fishery, Hunting and agriculture, Energy and minerals, Tourism
Government website:

Innovation Manager



  • Nordic Centres of Excellence

    Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) is NordForsk’s most important funding instrument to increase and facilitate cooperation between excellent researchers, researcher groups or institutions in the Nordic countries.The aim is to promote Nordic cooperation between outstanding researchers and research institutions, through strategic initiatives within areas of priority when this adds value to research in the Nordic […]    Read More
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  • Minister Responsible for the Foreign Affairs of Greenland continues to emphasize the importance of peaceful cooperation in the Arctic.

    Naalakkersuisoq (Minister Responsible for the Foreign Affairs of Greenland) Vivian Motzfeldt continues to emphasize the importance of peaceful cooperation in the Arctic. The Arctic countries and indigenous people’s representatives gathered from the 22nd to the 23rd of May in Ilulissat to mark the 10th anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration. The participants visited the village Ilimanaq […]    Read More
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  • Naalakkersuisoq for Foreign Affairs, Vivian Motzfeldt, to host a High Level Summit on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration

    The newly appointed Naalakkersuisoq for Foreign Affairs Vivian Motzfeldt, together with the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen, will host a high level meeting in Ilulissat 22-23 May on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration. Ministers and representatives of the eight Arctic States and Indigenous People’s Organizations in the Arctic […]    Read More
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  • QR Code labelling of products made from Inuit sealskins

    The EU recognizes that seal hunting is an integral part of the socio-economy, nutrition, culture and identity of Inuit and other indigenous communities. Geographically speaking, the relevant areas in this respect are primarily Greenland, Nunavut and Northwest Territories in Canada. It is recognized that seal hunting provides a major contribution to the subsistence and development […]    Read More
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  • Declaration

    The OCTA Innovation International Conference took place in Ponta Delgada, Azores on 11-14 April 2017. It gathered representatives of the Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union (OCTs), the government of the Azores, the European Commission and innovation experts to look at how innovation is spurring sustainable development in small islands and to develop […]    Read More
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  • Innovation News

  • Regional Innovation Workshop in Sint Maarten, 5-7 October

    Caribbean regional workshop will take place 5-7 October 2015 at Sint Maarten. The main aim of the activity is to improve OCTs and OCTA’s capacities and ensure better exchange of experience and expertise in Innovation by gathering the IMs and other relevant stakeholders in regional workshops and a project conference, which would contribute to facilitate […]    Read More
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  • Greenland National Day in Brussels

    [23 June 2015] Seminar – Greenland in the Arctic “Economic diversification & sustainable development” – took place in Brussels on the occasion of Greenland National Day. Minister for Industry, Labour, Trade and Foreign Affairs in the Government of Greenland, Mr. Vittus Qujaukitsoq, presented his views on how to create an attractive climate for investment to […]    Read More
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  • Reports

  • Greenland’s sustainable development

    In October 2013 the Council of Nordic Trade Unions and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) undertook series of meetings with stakeholders in Greenland. The objective was to explore perspectives on and expectations for sustainable development, including how political leaders and policy-makers are working to ensure that foreign direct investment will generate positive environmental, social […]    Read More
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  • Mining, tourism to lead Greenland’s growth

    Greenland’s best chance for avoiding economic calamity is to develop its tourism and mining industries, a joint report released by the Greenlandic and Danish governments concludes. This article from The Arctic Journal, comments on the best options for Greenland’s development. “One of the most important goals for Naalakkersuisut (Greenland’s elected government, ed.) is to drastically […]    Read More
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  • Octa Innovation Website