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Economic outlines and opportunities for innovation

Pitcairners’ main sources of revenue are sales of handicrafts, curios, honey, stamps and coins to cruise ships or through internet marketing. Fish, fruit and vegetables are also traded with passing ships. Key opportunities for innovation
  • Steadily increasing tourist arrivals will help to boost newly established businesses such as the café, bakery and tourist accommodation.
  • Installation of port infrastructure to welcome cruise ships.

Pitcairn’s map

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Pitcairn SMALL
-25.151825, -128.317566
PitcairnPitcairn, Isole (Directions)


Member state: United Kingdom
Surface (km2): 5
EEZ (km2): 836 108
Population: 55
Capital: Adamstown
Language: English
GDP per capita (€ – year): n/a
Main economic sectors: Handicraft, Tourism
Government website: www.government.pn

Innovation Manager

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