Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha Islands

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Economic outlines and opportunities for innovation

St Helena’ income primarily comes from agriculture, fishing and tourism but depends heavily upon budgetary support from Britain. Ascension has a small British and American presence, but no significant economic activity. Tristan da Cunha has a fishing industry. Key opportunities for innovation Recycling and energy initiatives have been identified as some of the key areas with a potential for the economic growth. The airport which is going to be opened next year is considered as a great opportunity for enhancing all activities in the islands.

Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha Islands’s map

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Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha Islands SMALL
-7.980881, -14.363937
Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha IslandsIsola di Ascensione, Saint Helena (Directions)


Member state: United Kingdom
Surface (km2): 307
EEZ (km2): 1 641 294
Population (2008):
5 131
Capital: Jamestown
Language: English
GDP per capita (€ – 2010): 5 151
Main economic sectors: Fishery
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  • Commercial air service to St Helena came live

    Great News  – Sale of tickets for the commercial air service to St Helena came live this Friday The sale of tickets for the scheduled air service to St Helena went live on Friday. Airlink will operate a weekly service between St Helena and Johannesburg and St Helena and Cape Town, via the stopover at […]    Read More
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  • St Helena having successful proving flight

    The St Helena government,  has said that a commercial aircraft completed a successful proving flight to the island. The Airlink’s Embraer E190-100IGW departed St Helena Airport on Tuesday afternoon following the main flight from Johannesburg and several flight trials before returning to South Africa. The proving flight was for Airlink to demonstrate to the South African […]    Read More
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  • Sustainable Environmental Management in Saint-Helena

    Saint-Helena pilot project is a part of the complex set of the activities that St Helena is taking towards its sustainability. It is based on the implementation of the management of household and agricultural waste. The project intends to contribute simultaneously to innovative and sustainable waste management as well as to renewable energy generation in […]    Read More
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  • Innovation News

  • Regional Innovation Workshop in Sint Maarten, 5-7 October

    Caribbean regional workshop will take place 5-7 October 2015 at Sint Maarten. The main aim of the activity is to improve OCTs and OCTA’s capacities and ensure better exchange of experience and expertise in Innovation by gathering the IMs and other relevant stakeholders in regional workshops and a project conference, which would contribute to facilitate […]    Read More
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  • Joint Statement By UK Overseas Territories Leaders

    BVI, 27 July 2015 – Hamilton, Bermuda – July 24: We, the elected Leaders and or Representatives of the Overseas Territories, met on 23rd – 24th July 2015, to discuss issues of mutual interest and the forthcoming Joint Ministerial Council Meeting (JMC), with UK Ministers to be held in December 2015 in London. The purpose […]    Read More
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  • St. Helena Airport is boost for Falkland Islands

    The Falkland Islanders received a boost with the British Government confirming the plans for the new airport on St. Helena, another British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic. The decision to move ahead with the US$400 million airport project was welcomed by the people of the Falklands as Argentina seeks to tighten its economic blockade […]    Read More
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  • Reports

  • Saint Helena – Sustainable development plan 2014-2017

    With construction of the airport underway, Saint Helena is poised to undergo an economic transformation. The operation of the airport will enable Saint Helena to access one of the largest and fastest growing markets, global tourism. The airport will also enable improvements in other sectors, such as fishing, as access for people and high value […]    Read More
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  • Waste Management on St Helena

    The Environmental Management Division of the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD) produced an information leaflet on St Helena’s Waste Management Services in the summer of 2015 Waste Management Services – Information Leaflet ENRD became responsible for the Solid Waste Management Strategy and all regular operations on 1 April 2015 and is introducing new and improved services […]    Read More
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