Ocean Ecopark Curaçao

Ocean Ecopark Curaçao

Ocean Ecopark Curaçao is a holistic project, providing sustainable energy, food, and water solutions. These solutions are based on the use of the cold and nutrient rich deep seawater available just a few kilometers of the coast of Curacao. Ocean Ecopark Curaçao will be developed on 20 to 60 hectares of land adjacent to the airport, and will integrate a range of sustainable solutions, ranging from cooling services to fresh water production to ocean-cooled greenhouses and fish farming.

Initial use of the deep ocean water will be to cool buildings in and around Hato International Airport, providing savings of up to 90% of the electricity typically required for air-conditioning.The park will also host the Caribbean’s first Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plant, allowing the tropical island of Curaçao to use the ocean as a power plant. Ocean Ecopark Curaçao will thus serve as a source of both energy efficiency and sustainable energy power generation.

After extracting the thermal potential for conventional energy applications the deep seawater will then be used by other Ecopark tenants. Greenhouses cooled by means of seawater will enable the production of vegetables and foods (e.g. spinach and leafy greens) that would otherwise not be competitive to grow in Curaçao and are currently imported. The nutrient rich and cool seawater will also enable competitive aquaculture opportunities as has been demonstrated in other places around the world.

Ocean Ecopark Curaçao consists of a strong team of companies and individuals that are coming together to develop this ambitious and innovative project. Bluerise, the project initiator and coordinator, is a Dutch technology provider in the emerging Ocean Thermal Energy market. Bluerise has its beginnings in 2010 at the Delft Technical University with which it holds close contact in the development of the project. Some of the project partners are: Greenvis, district energy specialists; A.Hak, renowned in construction and infrastructure; and Priva, worldwide market leader in climate control systems for greenhouses. The project also counts with the expertise from individuals with over 30 years of experience in the deployment and operations of other deep seawater pipelines around the world.

Ocean Ecopark Curaçao will not only provide financial benefits to the project participants, its clients and tenants but will also provide wider macroeconomic benefits to Curaçao. The project is expected to generate over 400 jobs and will tilt the balance of trade favorably in Curaçao by reducing not only energy consumption but food imports. The combination of research, pre-commercial and commercial activities stemming from the Ecopark will allow Curaçao to become a hub for ocean innovation in the region.

June this year an agreement was signed between Bluerise and the Curaçao Airport board, designating Bluerise as exclusive project developer of the Ocean Ecopark Curaçao. During the past four years, feasibility studies were executed in collaboration with the above mentioned project partners. These studies came out positive. Today, Bluerise is practically ready to continue with the project. However, they still need an adjustment in the ‘Insular Spatial Development Plan Curaçao’, allowing the use for Agro, Energy and Water industry at the destination concerned.

For more information: http://www.bluerise.nl/what-we-offer/deep-seawater-ecopark/

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