OCTA Innovation Issue 10 / 2017 –  Aruba OCT-EU Forum

OCTA Innovation Issue 10 / 2017 – Aruba OCT-EU Forum

The recent period has involved a lot of commitment for Mr Cedrick Tilma, EU representative of the Government of Aruba at the permanent representation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Brussels. He has been representing the Aruba Chairmanship of OCTA to the European Union’s institutions as well as assisting Prime Minister of Aruba, Mike Eman to chair OCTA and to host the 15th OCT-EU Forum in Oranjestad, 20-24th February. Very successful team work has led to great results.

Mr Tilma former President of the OCTA Executive Committee and a member of OCTA Innovation’s Steering Committee, has played a major role in in establishing OCTA Innovation and in propelling innovation in the Overseas Countries and Territories of European Union.

Mr Cedrick Tilma is also working on capacity building, enhancing higher level education and building a Sustainable Energy Roadmap for OCTs, in line with Aruba’s commitment to cut fossil fuel dependency and promote renewable energy using all available tools: technical, economic and regulatory. He says: “The use of renewable sources of energy is a key issue for OCTs to reduce dependency on the import of fossil fuels. The wider use of renewables is one of the top innovation priorities for OCTs.” The use of renewables is also promising for the creation of new jobs, such as in the expanding eco-tourism market, he adds. View the video to find out more.

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