OCTA Innovation Issue 14 / 2017 –  Pitcairn

OCTA Innovation Issue 14 / 2017 – Pitcairn

We are proud to work with Pitcairn Islands and to propel innovation in this most isolated and most remote inhabited groups of islands in the world. The four islands comprising the group (Pitcairn, Henderson, Oeno and Ducie) are situated approx. 500 km from the easternmost airport of French Polynesia on Mangareva in the Gambier group. The closest land mass is New Zealand positioned 4,500 south west of Pitcairn. Only Pitcairn itself is inhabited, with a total population of less than 100 people.

Pitcairners’ main sources of revenue are sales of handicrafts, curios, honey, stamps and coins to cruise ships or through internet marketing. Fish, fruit and vegetables are also traded with passing ships.

For Pitcairn, innovation is a way to enhance economic growth. Key opportunities for innovation in Pitcairn can be summed up as follows: steadily increasing tourist arrivals will help to boost newly established businesses such as the café, bakery and tourist accommodation; Installation of port infrastructure to welcome cruise ships and renewable energy.

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