OCTA Innovation Issue 17/ 2017 – Good news

OCTA Innovation Issue 17/ 2017 – Good news

We are very happy to be in position to confirm you that our OCTA Innovation project has been extended for two years, namely until end of April 2020. This extension is based on the need to provide additional assistance in the field of implementation of the innovation projects but also to extend technical assistance to continue the capacity building activities to further support the OCT governments on the development of their Innovation Strategies and implementation of the respective action plans that have been developed, as well as to expand activities for exchange of experience and expertise through eLearning, visibility activities and the organisation of events, workshops, conferences at international and regional level to consolidate the initiated support to implementation of innovation actions and strategies at OCT level, and to facilitate regional cooperation and networking.

The latest BRUZZ event on Turks and Caicos Islands was very successful. With Standard and Poor’s Credit rating for TCI at BBB+, and an annual economic projected growth of 4.3%, the government has embraced innovation as a way forward. This creates exciting pro-business investment opportunities. You may watch our photos of the event .

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