OCTA Innovation Issue 19/ 2017 – SAERI

OCTA Innovation Issue 19/ 2017 – SAERI

South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) based in Falkland Islands, is undertaking important scientific research in the South Atlantic and beyond. With annual turnover 1 million €, 8 PhD students it is a great scientific partner for visiting researchers and collaboration worldwide. Contact Tara Pelembe.

The South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute, is an academic organisation conducting research in the South Atlantic from the tropics down to the ice in Antarctica. SAERIs vision is to be an internationally recognised academic institute, based In the Falkland Islands, operating in the South Atlantic from the equator down to the ice in Antarctica, conducting world class natural and physical science research, teaching students, and building capacity within and between the UK South Atlantic Overseas Territories.

The scientific mission is to advance environmental understanding in the South Atlantic through research excellence and innovative science leadership, using unique expertise to share, communicate and apply skills and findings.

SAERI continues to grow and develop since its inception. The range of work has extended beyond the South Atlantic to implementing Territory to Territory partnerships in the Caribbean.

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