OCTA Innovation Issue 24 / 2016 – Smart Communities

OCTA Innovation Issue 24 / 2016 – Smart Communities


OCTA Innovation is seeking EU funding opportunities that OCTs have the very best chances of securing. These projects are in various sectors and have the potential to boost business know-how, creative talents, well-being and economic prosperity in OCTs. We are working with OCT stakeholders, providing tailored information about new EU funding opportunities and coaching them through the application process. Details about these programmes, and results of OCT participation, can be found here. The involvement of OCTs in larger-scale EU programmes is another priority. Debra Percival is your source for EU funding information.

Small-scale programmes of benefit to OCTs include mentorships for new business entrepreneurs, support for SME start-ups, and vocational training exchanges for OCT nationals in other EU member states. Large-scale EU programmes in line with the innovation priorities of some OCTs include Smart energy grids and storage to boost energy supply from renewables and Smart transport systems to increase use of electric cars. One of the latest EU programme calls is Smart Communities, a programme that is supporting integrated schemes of smart energy grids, transport and ICT for the more sustainable communities of tomorrow.

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