OCTA Innovation Issue 25 / 2016 – Agriculture

OCTA Innovation Issue 25 / 2016 – Agriculture


The way forward for agriculture in the OCTs is the development of small-scale organic farming. Organic farming can boost farmers’ income, strengthen the tourism industry and improve the population’s overall well-being. But concerted planning is required to get all sectors of society on board: farmers, policy makers, transport operators, chefs and even the media to spread the word about new recipes created with locally-grown organic produce.

Of major importance is the need for a single certification system for organic agriculture that is more legally enforceable both in the EU and globally. This could be scaled according to the different levels of organic farming attained, protecting the consumer and guaranteeing higher prices for farmers The OCTs are moving in the right direction.

The latest innovations in agriculture and farming in the OCTs include micro-algae cultivation in Bonaire to create innovative algal products. In New Caledonia, the creation of recipes with freshly grown local produce by local chefs has the potential to boost tourism, reduce costly food imports and create healthier eating habits.

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