OCTA Innovation Issue 29 / 2016 – Cayman Islands

OCTA Innovation Issue 29 / 2016 – Cayman Islands


As International Affairs Analyst at the Cayman Islands Cabinet Office and Cayman Innovation Manager, I am glad to host the OCTA Innovation mission to the Islands starting on the 21st of November. One of the goals of this mission is to exchange information with government decision-makers, and key public and private stakeholders on opportunities for innovation and the best practices on the three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The visit will raise awareness about opportunities to implement innovation across all sectors for economic growth of the Cayman Islands and the prosperity of society.

Areas for innovation in the Caymans already identified by the Government include the increased use of renewable energy and a national recycling programme. There are plans to make Little Cayman the first carbon neutral island in the Caribbean with an internationally recognised green destination certification.

During his Mission, Milan Jezic von Gesseneck will also meet with the members of the Cayman Islands’ Chamber of Commerce and the Department of the Environment, where the focus will be on the green and blue economies. A workshop on innovation is foreseen during the Mission that will engage key stakeholders on innovation and creativity. Systemic innovation and OCTA Innovation’s role in propelling innovation in the OCTs are also on the agenda.

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