OCTA Innovation Issue 3/2018 –  Innovation activities

OCTA Innovation Issue 3/2018 – Innovation activities

We are very happy to be in a position to confirm the high intensity actions as this period is fulfilled with different simultaneous innovation initiatives, innovation workshops, events, trainings and missions.

Technical assistance was spread in different fields in several OCTs via missions of OCTA Innovation Team Leader, but also short-term experts in the fishery sector, in greenhouses and in the field of creative industries.

Smaller innovation projects (SIP) are currently under development for OCTs which did not get big pilot projects, and work is in progress to have all SIP contracted in the coming period.

There are several ongoing opportunities, and we are inviting all OCTs to:

  • organize innovation-related workshops, OCTA Innovation will bear the costs of the networking event;
  • nominate any outstanding initiative or success in an OCT in the fields of business, innovation, art and creativity;
  • to use OCTA Innovation Three Pillars Blended Learning opportunities.

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