OCTA Innovation Issue 8 / 2017 –  Aruba

OCTA Innovation Issue 8 / 2017 – Aruba

The European Commission has signed a pilot project for Aruba. The innovative project, which engages a new generation, will give schoolchildren on the island the opportunity to gain practical experience of 3-D technology. The project has been greatly enabled by the dedication and enthusiasm of Bianca Peters who is our Innovation Manager in Aruba and Director of the Bureau of Innovation.

The Bureau of Innovation is a unique mix of creative think-tank and project development within Aruba’s Ministry of General Affairs, Innovation, Sustainable Development and Science. It has already been given OCTA Innovation BIC ‘Business, Innovation and Creativity’ Award for its outstanding support to social, technical and economic innovation.

Says Bianca Peters: “Within the vision of Aruba to become a 100% sustainable society, we see the need to focus on start-ups, on young entrepreneurs who think outside the box and find solutions to challenges in the development towards a sustainable society. A very important development for Aruba is to give the younger generation and recent graduates the opportunity to remain in Aruba to exploit their creativity and build on them thereby a future here.”
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