Online Learning

Online Learning

OCTA Innovation is currently working on further advancing the OCTA Innovation Studies, by developing:

  • Webinars – to enhance current use of skype and try the audio-visual distance online communication to extend for a larger number of participants in one OCT. The target audience is 20-25 participants, working especially on trainings in innovation such as InnoLab, startups, incubators, accelerators, business and marketing, use of social networks for business development
  • Podcasts – These already exist, however mission is to enhance both on the OCTA Innovation youtube channel and the current e-learning modules, especially multiplying examples and news of implementing innovation in different areas of economy
  • Mobile-friendly CMS – which allows for mobile friendly learning without need of using a specific application. This will further enhance the concept of the Three Pillars Blended Learning system by giving an additional component and quality. It will further make the system more user-friendly and result in higher engagement of the students

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