Online music streaming offers new opportunities for the Caribbean Music Industry

Online music streaming offers new opportunities for the Caribbean Music Industry

Research by Boudino de Jong and Gino Jacobs, founders of ‘Skempi’ (, showed that home markets for the Caribbean Music Industry are subject to high levels of piracy and other forms of copyright infringement. It has become apparent that the Caribbean Music Industry is not well protected by legislation, compared to other Caribbean industries.

The founders of Skempi found a solution: online music streaming. Online streaming services have been coined the future of selling media. And so Skempi was conceived: a web-based music streaming service with content exclusively from Caribbean artist.

The Skempi website consists of a responsive design that renders optimally on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops and PC’s. This year Skempi will be releasing its mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Skempi facilitates a balanced growth in Caribbean music sales, maximizes on the trade potential of diasporic markets and creates further inroads into global music markets. The online platform is heavily supported and protected by information technology and it enables artists to reach a larger paying audience.

The growth of streaming and online subscription and the continuing explosion of mobile devices is a trend for Skempi to further capitalize on. Specifically Skempi focuses on reaching the following markets:

  • The Caribbean Population;
  • The Caribbean diasporic market;
  • Other global regions.

So far, Skempi has established numerous strategic and exclusive partnerships, including United Telecommunication Services (UTS), the National Library of Curacao (BNK), E-Group insurances (Extura, El Tributo, ENK), Obersi Group of Companies (i.e. Xerox, TV-Carib) and Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI). Additionally Skempi has an official partnership with YouTube (Google), Skempi is an affiliate of iTunes (Apple), and owns a streaming licence from Holland-based copyright house Buma/Stemra.


Skempi is currently in the process of partnering up with a Silicon Valley based company operating in San Francisco and Medellin and receiving significant seeding capital from an angel investor.

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