Pilot projects: Evaluation concluded

Pilot projects: Evaluation concluded

Pilot projects are the most focused tools for the commencement of implementing innovation in OCTA Innovation project. In the preparatory period Team Leader’s project missions to the OCT countries have been used to support identifying sectors and potential stakeholders that could be in the position to design and implement pilot projects.

Concept Notes were used as first step of the two stages project proposal application. The concept notes were not evaluated nor they were scored, and consequently the final score of the pilot project does not reflect on the concept note. The concept notes were used as a learning-by-doing tool for training and capacity building of the innovation managers. They were used as references in Team Leader motivation and coaching of innovation managers towards project submissions. Twenty-eight concept notes were submitted in November 2015.

Finally, eighteen pilot project proposals as full applications were submitted in January 2016. Independent experts have evaluated full proposals. Based on the individual evaluations, OCTA Innovation Team Leader coordinated with the Evaluation experts building Evaluation consensus according to the EC Standards. For each proposal the consensus was reached after discussion of the individual evaluations.

Proposals were evaluated and scored based on five evaluation criteria namely:

  • excellence of innovation,
  • effectiveness and feasibility of the action,
  • sustainability of the action,
  • financial and operational capacity,
  • budget and cost-effectiveness of the action.

Now following evaluation and after informing applicants of the results, the true innovation work starts. This is very exciting as the goal of pilot projects is to support the implementation of the most promising and innovative ideas, innovative modalities of organisation, and implementation of the advanced innovative technologies in OCTs.

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