Pitcairn Signatory of Sustainable Energy Roadmap

Pitcairn Signatory of Sustainable Energy Roadmap

The Summit of OCT Energy Ministers took place in Brussels on the 16th & 17th of June 2015 in the margins of the EU Sustainable Energy Week. This first-ever Summit of OCT Energy Ministers was the setting for the adoption of an OCT wide Sustainable Energy Roadmap, facilitating the path towards lowering fossil fuel dependency and increasing energy efficiency in OCTs.

The roadmap, developed collaboratively with the energy experts in the OCTs, addresses the key strategies and actions to be implemented, complementing and promoting existing National Strategies on Sustainable Energy in each of the OCTs. With the Roadmap, the OCTs identify priority areas and demonstrate their commitment to show worldwide leadership towards a transition to fossil fuel independence.

Pitcairn as signatory of this Sustainable Energy Roadmap has decided with other OCTs to engage in a common sustainable energy strategy to significantly increase the penetration of reliable and affordable renewable energy and greatly increased energy efficiency and to use the OCT energy network to take advantage of a wealth of experiences and technology know-how from individual OCTs.

The Sustainable Energy Roadmap can be found on this link.

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