Pitcairn – Working with the EU and OCTA Innovation

Pitcairn – Working with the EU and OCTA Innovation


Pitcairn, being one of the most isolated islands in the world faces a number of challenges. We have a small population and are looking to repopulate and looking to build an economy around tourism which presents a significant opportunity given its pristine oceans, and its endemic plant and bird species.

Pitcairn is working with the EU, OCTA and the Innovations Project to develop the infrastructure on Island to provide facilities for increased tourism where visitors can come without affecting our unique biodiversity

Maintaining a careful balance between the environmental, economic and socio- cultural benefits and risks associated with island tourism has been and will continue to be necessary to ensuring tourism is built with care, for long term sustainability.

A review of telecommunications is underway and EDF has provided funding for the construction of alternate harbour facilities, upgrading roads and walkways,new buildings, a ship to shore vessel and an on land people carrier. All of this will support the increasing demand to visit Pitcairn.

Pitcairn is also working towards the introduction of renewable energy to replace fossil fuel in line with the agreement of all the EU Overseas Territories signed in Brussels in June 2015.

For information on Immigrating to Pitcairn please visit www.immigration.gov.pn



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