Post doc/ doctorate positions on regional energy transitions

Post doc/ doctorate positions on regional energy transitions

The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg’s Institute of Social Sciences is offering a unique opportunity of three positions in the field of sustainability transitions as doctoral and post-doctoral researchers:

– One post-doctoral position
– Two PhD positions

The positions are part of a research project which will analyse energy transition as a social process from a socio-economic perspective, examining how different regional, national and global actors in the wind energy sector interact, as well as which process of negotiating, norming and learning are triggered by this interaction.

All researchers will be involved both in theory development and in the empirical work. The latter includes preparing, conducting and analysing narrative interviews. Furthermore, the post-doctoral researcher will support the project leader in the scientific coordination of the project and the case studies.

The holders of the positions will have the opportunity to conduct their own research and qualification projects on topics related to the research project. The PhD students are expected to write their theses within the framework of the project.

For further information and requirements, go to this link.


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