Post-hurricane reconstruction policy introduced in BVI

Post-hurricane reconstruction policy introduced in BVI

BVI Building Authority is promoting the following considerations:

• Concrete roof designs will be fast-tracked, pending the existence or inclusion of 8” structure below roof,

• Wooden roofs with separation of main roof and porch roof shall be fast-tracked,

• Roof slope on wooden roofs should be 3:12 pitch minimum, 6 or 7:12 preferred.

The policy provides the following guidelines for reconstruction of roofs, windows, doors and shutters:

• Rafters must be 3” minimum and must be securely fastened to beams and wall plates, hurricane clips and rebar connections must be used

• Plywood decking must be lapped and secured using 2.5” minimum fasteners

• Battens must be secured using 4.5” minimum fasteners 2 per rafter minimum; these must also be spaced in accordance with manufacturer specification for the roof finish;

• Roof finish must be secured according to manufacturer specification. Additional fasteners must be used at eaves, hips and valleys

• Doors and windows should be secured with shutters. Shutters must be carefully installed using manufacturer specifications.

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