Saba’s energy policy

Saba’s energy policy

The energy policy for Saba was developed through a robust process of technical studies, analysis, stakeholder consultations and a participatory consensus-building process. These culminated in the ‘Social development plan 2014–2020’ and ‘Saba’s energy sector strategy’. The vision is to become a 100% sustainable energy island, ensuring that energy comes from local renewable energy sources, and is affordable and reliable.

While energy independence is the main priority of the official energy policy, the cross-cutting strategies focus on four main pillars: sustainability, affordability, energy independence and reliability of the system. In particular, equitable access to and quality of energy for all sectors of society, particularly the poor, is an overarching goal. Specifically, the social development plan (SDP) states that energy independence is vital to the island’s economic stability and quality of life. It also establishes energy efficiency as a key step in making energy more affordable.

Saba’s energy policy aims at achieving affordable and sustainable energy supply for everyone. It is coherent with policies on infrastructure, poverty reduction, quality of life and social welfare. It also contributes to the overall objectives of protection and sustainable use of Saba’s natural resources, supporting sustainable and inclusive growth. As for all municipalities and provinces of the Netherlands, Saba’s energy policy is bound by the energy policy objectives of the Netherlands.

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