Sustainable Environmental Management in Saint-Helena

Sustainable Environmental Management in Saint-Helena

Saint-Helena pilot project is a part of the complex set of the activities that St Helena is taking towards its sustainability. It is based on the implementation of the management of household and agricultural waste. The project intends to contribute simultaneously to innovative and sustainable waste management as well as to renewable energy generation in the remote island of St. Helena. The action to develop anaerobic digestion as a means to convert biodegradable waste into biogas and renewable energy as agreed by stakeholders will fit with the solid household and agricultural waste management plan and renewable energy agenda adopted by the Government of St Helena. The project is well-integrated into both the Innovation and Sustainable development strategies of the island.

The digester will take biodegradable domestic waste, agricultural waste, sewage and biodegradable medical waste converting it to biogas and digestate and avoiding the need to put it in landfill or the sea. This will support the biosecurity and environmental protection agenda and reduce the need for the importation of fossil fuels and fertilisers. Choice of the process and choice of the location of the plant will be finalised in consultation with local stakeholders as part of an initial feasibility study, and buy in from the wider population in respect of waste segregation will be sought through a media campaign. Regular public meetings will also be held to ensure continuous update of the project progress.

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  1. Giel du toit says:

    Good idea, But one should be very careful with the planning. Our research over close to 20 years teaches us a lot about renewable energy and the introduction of it, to remote communities. The education that goes with it, is more important then anything else.
    A local plant will take care of the sewage and waste problem,but will not really achieve a lot if there is no other industrial growth with it. A typical European or Canadian model plant will fail miserably.

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