Sustainable fishery in Saba

Sustainable fishery in Saba

Saba is paying high attention to the biodiversity protection. Attention is paid to having sustainable and environmentally-sound fishery. The fisheries ecology includes implementation of responsible fishery and stock enhancement technologies and protocols but also augmentation of the fishery yields and advance basic knowledge about wild stocks. Menno van der Velde, Saba Innovation Manager is active in enhancing research for finding innovation solution for the capture of the Lionfish which is an invasive sort. Currently, popular wording is: “if you may not kill it, eat it”.  Particularity lays in the fact that lion fish has been recognised as a delicious culinary speciality. But Menno is working also on innovation traps to enhance lobsters fishery. Namely in Saba lobster harvesters land their catches on the traditional way sinking baited traps to the ocean floor. There is a need of developing traps with enhanced protection of the lobster against the sharks.

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