Best Wishes from OCTA Innovation

Best Wishes from OCTA Innovation

Best Wishes to all involved in OCTA Innovation project for a great cooperation in assisting islands on their development by using innovation platform for propelling systemic innovation across the sectors, and through a true public private cooperation.

OCTA Innovation is on the way for making something very unique, OCTs to be one of the examples for having creativity and innovation as drivers of the growth. We believe in this. We are doing this on the ground.

A mix of the tailored technical assistance in wide spectrum of the activities starting by recognising the most attractive particular opportunities, via setting the strategies, to the implementation of the structural and systemic reforms, to implemenation via pilot projects whatever size of the projects are, even small as in our OCTA Innovation project pilot projects are.

This tailored mix with the full ownership of the project on the ground makes the difference. We believe in this, and we are making this difference.



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