The Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are a collection of over 700 small islands in the South-West Atlantic Ocean, approximately 500 miles from the east coast of South America. The Falklands has a total area of land of approximately 12,170km2 and mainly consists of two large islands; East and West Falklands. The capital, Stanley, can be found on East Falkland and is the only town in the Falkland Islands. The area outside of Stanley is locally known as ‘Camp’ and is comprised of over 90 farms and a few small settlements. The total population of the Falklands is approximately 2,500 people with roughly 2,100 living in the capital.

The GDP of the Falkland Islands peaked in 2012 at around £198m. The Fishing industry is traditionally the Falkland’s largest sector and can contribute between 30-50% of the islands’ GDP. In recent years the Oil and Gas and Tourism industries have become more prominent because of hydrocarbons exploration in the islands and the recovery of tourism worldwide, particularly the cruise industry. The Agriculture industry, culturally and economically, is also considered a very important industry in the islands. Sheep farming has been a key part of the Falklands’ economy for 150 years, with wool and lamb being key Falkland exports.

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