Three Pillars Blended Learning

Three Pillars Blended Learning

OCTA Innovation has developed the Three Pillars Blended Learning system, which takes into consideration all limitations the OCTs face concerning good education, such as very limited human capacities, remoteness of islands and distance of big knowledge centres, having these less favoured countries for innovation and capacity building. The Three Pillars Blended Learning system is a unique concept as by taking into consideration the issues of the OCTS, it mixes working directly with experts, on the job learning and online learning.

OCTA Innovation has been very proud to be working with a team of two experts from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB). The Team, headed by Professor Chang Zhu, a worldwide education expert who specializes in blended learning, gave their input to the concept and agreed agreed to be co-authors of the academic article being published by Milan Jezic von Gesseneck on the Three Pillars Blended Learning system in the OCTs. Our special appreciaton goes to the VUB team, who gave their input and recommendations, without any payment or any kind of compensation, as they really liked what we are doing here on education for the OCTs.

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