Tourism Workshop – EU Expert, Prof. Dr Anne-Mette Hjalager

Tourism Workshop – EU Expert, Prof. Dr Anne-Mette Hjalager

Prof. Dr Anne-Mette Hjalager addressed “Innovation Policies in Transition – Possibilities and Challenges for OCTs”.  She grouped action on innovation into three areas: capacity-oriented challenges and system-oriented innovation and mission-oriented innovation policies.

Professor Hjalger listed the OCTs’ wicked problems that have implications on tourism: de-population; ageing population; migration; exposure to nature catastrophes; monocultures of the general business environment; depletion of resources fresh water, soil, and nature protection dilemmas.

Others are: anti- and counter-tourism ideologies and practices; financial dependency on mainland countries; human resources and capacities
and the continued uncertainty over Brexit negotiations.

In a separate presentation, she addressed the revitalising of tourism destinations such as closer links between tourism and gastronomy. Food is currently massively imported into the OCTs and gastronomy is under-sold as a tourist attraction. There is a lack of distinctive cuisines that can contribute to the tourist experience.

Professor Hjalger’s recommendations include getting closer to the food resources, curating landscapes and built heritage, encouraging connectivity between local food providers and the tourism industry and enhancing the gastronomic experiences for the visitors.


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