Tourism Workshop – Joao Jessop, Wallis & Futuna Representative

Tourism Workshop – Joao Jessop, Wallis & Futuna Representative

As an isolated OCT territory, Wallis and Futuna faces specific individual challenges in innovating in the tourist sector, said country representative, Joao Jessop.

The island has limited sea freight transportation, it has a very low online presence, a very limited tourism offer and lodging capacity and high emigration. In addition, tourism is to some seen as a threat to the local population and faces stiff competition from other Pacific destinations. The impact of human activities on the environment such as water quality and the effects of climate change are also a major consideration in any future tourism development.

Yet, it has a  has a strong cultural identity

Some of the measures being taken to innovate in the sector are:

Hiring a project chief (in process)

Defining a common tourism project

Defining benchmarks for tourist etc.

Working on the visibility of the destination

Creating a website on the destination

Creating documents about W&F

Creating a tourist office,

Making of every actor, an ambassador or an host

Continuing with development projects of tourist sites.

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