Travel & Tourism: Economic Impact 2014 British Virgin Islands

Travel & Tourism: Economic Impact 2014 British Virgin Islands

The outlook for Travel & Tourism in 2014 is also very positive, with Total Travel & Tourism GDP growth forecast to reach 4.3%. Much of this growth is being driven by higher consumer spending as the recovery from recession gathers pace and is becoming firmly established. Tourists are expected to spend more per trip and stay longer on their holidays in 2014, while long haul travel, especially among the European markets, is also expected to gain a greater share of international tourism demand. Profitability for travel companies should also start to edge up, bringing opportunities for further job creation in the process.

Travel & Tourism forecasts over the next ten years also look extremely favourable, with predicted growth rates of over 4% annually that continue to be higher than growth rates in other sectors. Capitalising on the opportunities for this Travel & Tourism growth will, of course, require destinations and regional authorities, particularly those in emerging markets, to create favourable business climates for investment in the infrastructure and human resource support necessary to facilitate a successful and sustainable tourism sector. At the national level, governments can also do much to implement more open visa regimes and to employ intelligent rather than punitive taxation policies. If the right steps are taken, Travel & Tourism can be a true force for good.

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