Turks and Caicos and Innovation

Turks and Caicos and Innovation

Turks and Caicos are not only the impossibly-white sands of Providenciales lined with myriad resorts and hotels, offering a gateway to sand and diving , some spectacular seafood including authentic conch. It is not only Hemingway’s laid-back atmosphere with with casual sips of rum. 


In parallel it is dynamic prosperous inclusive society with the innovation driven economy. We just received application from Alexa Cooper Grant, Turks and Caicos Innovation Manager. We may read : Dear Milan, I hereby accept your invitation to join the Innovation Studies Programme, whereby I can attain certification as an Innovation Expert. I look forward to completing this progamme for numerous reasons, one of which is to be able to impart the information gain to others here in the TCI and help to build a nation that values the importance of innovation in all pillars of society. This is a great opportunity for me, personally and professionally, and I look forward to confirmation of my participation. Kind Regards Alexa Cooper Innovation Manager Turks and Caicos Islands

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